Eclipse Phase - Apocalypse

Singer Institute for Biological Anomalies


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Encryption Protocols Engaged
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After-Action Report: SIBA Infiltration Operation
Das Frettchen

A Sentinel cell from the Venusian server run by router code-named “Eagle” solicited my aid in an operation through the Martian gate to the exoplanet of Tirion, owned and operated by Dr. Rael Duvalier via his company, the Singer Institute for Biological Anomalies (SIBA). The stated goals were vague, and there was no evidence of an X-Risk. This appeared to be a private vendetta on the part of two of the Sentinels involved. Nevertheless, they had been of some help to me in investigating the recent vittrad outbreak here on Mars and so I pulled some strings to provide them with cover identities as Cognite researchers and negotiators seeking to sell an aberrant uplift specimen (the neo-octopus Sentinel himself) in exchange for research data. I also mobilized an eraser squad on the off-chance that their vague allegations of Watts-MacLeod research proved to be something more dangerous. It would appear that my foresight in doing so was warranted.

This particular cell does not have a reputation for caution or careful execution of operations, but in this circumstance they made an exception. Their operation took a little over one standard week to complete, dragging out the commercial negotiations to provide ongoing cover for their investigation of the company and the facility. While Aeryn Taft-Crowley and Saòirse Wednesday engaged in those negotiations, the other members of the team utilized a combination of social engineering, stealth, and electronic systems subversion to compromise the local security systems and learn what they could of SIBA’s research agenda.

SIBA’s ultimate goal appears to be human uplift… essentially perfecting the uplift process currently used on animals to bootstrap human intelligence to a far greater degree. In this, they appeared to have made some significant strides. Data recovered from their systems would be of exceptional value to Cognite and other hypercorporations in addition, of course, to our Crows and Argonaut allies. It would appear, however, that Duvalier was not content with the limits of mere human science. The team discovered a hot-lab containing five active exsurgent strains in addition to Watts-MacLeod. It would appear that SIBA was using Watts-MacLeod as a “control group” for A/B testing of other exsurgent strains with the ultimate aim of synthesizing the exsurgent virus’s capacity to alter neural systems in inhuman ways.

Needless to say, the entire SIBA facility on Tirion needed to be destroyed. Sentinel Ricky Thompson developed a particular nanovirus intended to kill anyone who ingests it after a delay period of 24 hours while Tari reprogrammed the facilities food and beverage fabbers to include the virus in every meal or drink they fabricated. At this point, Saòirse and Steven killed and replaced Dr. Antonio Pascal in order to gain the team access to Dr. Duvalier’s office. They sought to capture Duvalier, but he escaped using an emergency farcaster that beamed him to a relay on Tirion’s surface aimed at the exoplanet Krypton, which is about one light-month away. Krypton is connected to the Martian gate, and so I imagine he may return just in time to reintegrate with whatever backup is reinstantiated once his death is confirmed.

One of Sentinel team’s operatives initiated a “jailbreak” of the aberrant uplift inmates while others infiltrated the gate-dome and detonated explosives severing the umbilical connecting the facility to the gate. They then waited out the remaining inhabitants of SIBA who succumbed to the nanoplague. The team emerged having collected the cortical stacks of all present, including the test subjects. I had been in communication with them via the “Cerulean Signal” through a local fork of Argo and had my team standing ready with a nuclear device for delivery through the gate.

The Tirion gate has been destroyed, along with the remains of the SIBA facility, and hopefully the strains of the exsurgent virus therein.

Of particular note, it would seem that Duvalier procured his exsurgent strains through the services of someone named “Regina.” She and her crew specialize in the procurement and transportation of strains of the exsurgent virus collected from all known locations where such things may be found. It would be well worth our while to track this Regina down and procure from her whatever knowledge she possesses on the storage and handling of such things. Such data may provide insight on effective quarantine measures. Also, removing her from business would stop a potential vector of infection.

Relevant data files are attached to this report.

~Das Frettchen



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