Barking Dog

Firewall Scanner, Pornographer


Barking Dog changes bodies like some people change clothes. When not working, she prefers her original 17-year-old red-haired Exalt morph


Barking Dog was born on the Gulag Archipelago merely seven years before the Fall. She has never seen Earth, except through the fragmented xp or other records she has come across, and has spent her entire life on the rag-tag flotilla that is the swarm. The swarm’s hedonistic lifestyle is perfectly normal to her, as is their anarchist political ideology. She finds the lifestyle led by most of the inner system to be baffling at best, repulsive at worst. That doesn’t stop her from capitalizing ruthlessly on that lifestyle.

Barking Dog is a pornographer… a natural, an artist and a performer and a director and a saleswoman. Her XP and films and art-pieces are hugely popular, particularly in more conservative inner-system habitats. Rumor has it that bootleg copies of her stuff sells like crazy on Jovian Junta habitats. Even the more free-wheeling outer system groups find much of it innovative and aesthetically-pleasing.

Her secret is in knowing her audience. She learned early that she had a knack for figuring out people’s buttons and pushing them. All it took was a bit of ambition to turn that talent into a far-spanning porn empire. It wasn’t long before Firewall recruited her first as a Sentinel, then as a Scanner. She jumped at the chance to be part of something big and important and has worked hard for the organization ever since.

Barking Dog

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