Crime Lord


Blackvein is a neo-raven, larger than his non-uplifted ancestors, with transgenic vocal cords and other genetic and cybernetic upgrades to allow him to interact with transhuman society.


A number of independent criminal operators gained prominence by supporting the Morningstar Constellation’s bid for separation five years ago and have used this influence to carve out their own domains. Foremost among these is Blackvein, an uplifted raven who rose in the Night Cartel ranks before selling out his bosses and going solo. He deals in a wide variety of illicit activities but is probably the foremost information broker and blackmailer on Venus right now. He operates out of Parvarti, where he occupies a heavily fortified residential tower. Due to existing inner system prejudices, Blackvein will often pose as a synthmorph that he controls via puppet sock.


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