Dominic Kuznetsov

Scumborn Security


Cognition -2
Intuition +1
Coordination +2
Somatics +2
Savvy +3
Willpower 0

Rep: 2
Resources: 0
iRep: 2
Upvotes: 1
Payout: 0

Advances: 10

  • +1 to an Ego Stat (max stat +3) (up to 3 times) [X] [X] [] (+1 Coordination) (+1 Savvy)
  • +1 to a Background Stat (max stat +3) (unlimited) (+1 Rep)
  • +1 Move (up to 4 times) [X] [X] [X] [X] (Fitness, Merciless, Mimetic Engineer, Inspiring Leader)
  • Advance your Gang, Fame, or Wealth (up to 3 times) [] [] []

Must have 5 total advances from choices above before selecting those below

  • +1 to any Stat (max stat +3) (once) []
  • retire your character to safety (once) []
  • create a second character to play, so now you’re playing two (once) [X]
  • remove a check from the sanity track (up to two times) [] []
  • invent your own move with the GM, or +1 Move (up to two times) [X] [] (Contact Network)
  • create a special result for one of your moves on an exceptional success with GM approval (up to two times) [X] [] (Negotiate)
  • swap a move you have for another move (unlimited)

Damage O O O O O O O O
Sanity X O O O O O

Background: Scumborn (+1 Rep)
Faction: Anarchist
Starting Morph: Splicer (+biomods, +mesh inserts, +cortical stack)

Dominic receives positive feedback for discussing existential crises with Dr. Chavez


The Sane One (Unique move)
Your first attempt to Procure Something using Rep in any given game session is +elevated.

Networker (Background move)
When you collect gossip about someone important (your call), roll+Savvy. On a hit, you can ask the GM questions. On a 10+, ask 3. On a 7-9, ask 1:

  • How are they doing? What’s up with them?
  • What or who do they love best?
  • Who do they know, like and/or trust?
  • When next should I expect to see them?
  • How could I get to them, physically or emotionally?

When you get a hit on open fire, select one:

  • damage or destroy a specific body part or held item
  • create an opportunity and immediately follow up on it
  • disable them, convert all damage to trauma

Not to be Fucked With:
In battle, you count as a small gang with damage and armor appropriate to your equipment and moves.

Gain 2 new +scuffed boxes on your damage track.

When you do damage, do +1 damage.

Memetic Engineer
It’s one thing to convince a person of something. It’s another to engineer social acceptance of an idea. Memetic engineers are masters of marketing, psychology and social networks, manipulating public opinion on every scale. When you engineer a meme describe to the GM what you seek to accomplish and roll+Savvy. On a hit, your meme is a success. On a 10+ choose 1. On a 7-9, choose 2:

  • The meme takes extensive marketing and placement where people can see it. Permanently lose 1 point of Resources.
  • The meme requires a lot of finessed word-of-mouth. Permanently lose 1 point of Rep.
  • The meme is catchy, but easily forgotten. It won’t last very long
    *The meme is durable but controversial and subject to counter-memetics.

Social engineering is an imperfect science, and results are rarely permanent.

Contact Network
You have developed an extensive network of allies and contacts who can provide help or resources in a pinch. When you take this move, choose one:

Your contacts respect your allure or forceful personality. Roll+Savvy when contacting them.

At the beginning of the session, or as soon thereafter as you are in a position to do so, you may contact your network and roll the appropriate stat. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You may spend your hold anytime during that session, 1 for 1, to:

Get something done: find one or more contacts to accomplish an off-screen task
Lean on someone: convince a character as if you’d rolled a 10+ on negotiate
Gather intel: learn something about a subject as if you’d rolled a 10+ on access the mesh
Borrow Resources: gain temporary access to an item, morph, piece of equipment, or service

Negotiate Advanced
When you have leverage over someone (something they need, want, or wish to hide) and wish to get something from them, roll+Savvy. For NPCs, on a hit, they ask for something before they do what you want, and if you promise, they’ll do it. On a 7-9, they need some concrete assurance, now.
For PCs, on a 10+, both, on a 7-9, choose 1:

  • If they do it, they mark experience.
  • If they don’t, they’re +glitched ongoing until they’re out of your presence.

On a 12+, for NPCs, they cave completely, not even asking for concessions, and you can apply one of the following tags to them ongoing:

  • +sycophant
  • +lustful
  • +protective
  • +terrified
  • +broken

For PCs, as 10+, but additionally you can inspire them, granting +boosted ongoing while they do your bidding.

Combat armor (2-armor)
Vibroblade (3-damage +hand +ap-1 +hi-tech)
Railgun Assault Rifle (3-damage +close +autofire +hi-tech)
Reputation and favors owed by the people of the scum fleet (+1 Rep)


“’Sure, Ma, I’ll go keep an eye on Looking Glass. Yeah, I know I’m good with people.’

Good with people. Remind me which ones are the people. I mean, Kiril hasn’t gone psycho…yet, and what those inner-system capitalist pigs did to Echo, they deserve to fry for, but this ship ain’t exactly drowning in stable egos and all, yanno?"

Dominic was born aboard the Gulag, the son of the rebellion leader Yulia Kusnetsova. He grew up in an anarchist society and his godmother prefers to be a mechanical spider, but he still somehow manages to adapt poorly to change. The wonder of the transhuman spirit, I guess. Among Red Hammer, he’s everyone’s nephew or cousin. Over on the Icebox, he tries to keep the various brilliant psychopaths onboard contained to the point that they don’t draw too much unwanted attention. It goes about as well as you’d expect.

After months in service to Firewall, Dominic chose to become a full-time Proxy, acting as Router to the Sentinel cell aboard the Gulag Archipelago.

Dominic Kuznetsov

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