Dr. Nanda Kapoor

Scientist and Nano-Engineer


Dr. Nanda Kapoor spends most of her time in a heavily-customized arachnoid synthmorph, the better to scuttle about the insides of the vast manufactory-ship in her care. For finer-detail work, she sleeves into a similarly-customized swarmanoid morph.


Dr. Nanda Kapoor joined the Gulag Archipelago when the swarm attacked a smuggler ship carrying a cargo of thousands of cortical stacks scavenged from a war zone on Earth. The swarm spun up the various egos in virtual environments and offered to arrange their return to families or loved ones, or, alternately, a home aboard the swarm. Dr. Kapoor chose to join up, bringing vitally needed knowledge and skills in nano-fabrication technology.

In the decades since, Dr. Kapoor has converted the “Chernobyl’s Child”, largest of the original ore-hauler ships, into the swarms manufacturing vessel. Her elegant, nested nanofabbers and cornucopia devices can produce everything from basic foodstuff to small ships.

Decades among other machines and engineers has left Dr. Kapoor somewhat eccentric, but her reputation is one of the highest among the swarm, and nobody doubts her commitment to the Gulag Archipelago and its people.

Dr. Nanda Kapoor

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