Seed-ASI on Turing


When Draupadi manifests in simulspace it’s as a middle-aged woman of caucasian features, doubtless modeled after someone in particular. She’s wearing a sari, however, and has blood in her hair… nods to the mythological name she was given.


When she was first encountered by individuals from the Gulag Archipelago, and Oversight agent Kioroshi Inagawa, she was a shattered, broken thing. Smart dust and nanoswarms were creating systems ad-hoc, she was growing cancerously in the rock, in need of structure and direction. The investigators permitted themselves to be taken inside her systems, in a crude simulspace, where they believed that, after a few moments of conversation, they had given her what she needed to reconstitute something akin to a personality, whereupon they were released.

The truth is, they never left the simulation. The events of their lives in the subsequent six months were all part of her process to rebuild her core architecture around her original design specifications… to be an evolved super-intelligence wrapped in something approximating a human morality.

She dangled a gate in front of them and watched them take it, even knowing it would start a war. She watched how they tried to deal with that war. She dangled the means to destroy gates in front of them and watched how they tried to deal with the ramifications of having the power to destroy transhumanity. Amidst it all, she introduced emotionally charged events meant to draw out meaningful and nuanced reactions from her various subjects.

Finally, however, the continued gains to be had from the experiment began to wane while the risk to their psyches should it continue waxed. She released them with her heartfelt thanks, doing what she could to soften the blow. She promised to leave the solar system, but to never be out of reach. She gave them a QE communicator. If they ever needed advice, all they have to do is call…


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