Firewall Crow and Art Installation


Someone once made the mistake of showing Eidolon this old Earth movie where a little old man poses as a god-like presence by operating machinery from behind a curtain. (This was before AR; people were naïve). Eidolon thought this was the funniest thing they’d ever seen and adopted a similar persona. Since then, Eidolon’s physical embodiment has been a microgravity interpretation of an ancient Greek temple (think the Acropolis built out in all directions from a center point, with station-keeping thrusters). The entire inside of the temple is an immense cornucopia machine that also teems with disassembler swarms. Usually the temple can be found floating free in the Cone, its dim purple lighting visible from the Shell. Occasionally Eidolon docks on a spar, particularly if they’re working on a project that requires their full attention.


Eidolon has a reputation as one of the best hacker/trackers on Locus, although their weird sense of humor has led them to take the oracular temple schtick a bit far for some tastes. To get Eidolon to work for you, you need to physically visit their temple installation and make a sacrifice. The sacrifice must generally be in the form of an item with a novel or unique design, which Eidolon will then reverse engineer into its library of blueprints and break down using the temple’s disassembler swarms.

The exception to this rule is Firewall agents, who can call on Eidolon from anywhere in the system if they have sufficient rep with the Eye. Eidolon has sent forks to work Firewall runs from Mercury out to the Kuiper Belt using its temple’s private egocasting capability.


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