Father Ruiz Aguilar

Firewall Router on Venus


Father Ruiz Aguilar is a reasonably handsome man notwithstanding the fact that he was born without genetic augmentation or biomods.


Father Aguilar is a Catholic priest, a Jovian, and therefore still living in his original body. He was one of the catholic refugees that fled to the Jovian Republic after the Fall, an event that affected him strongly. Despite his religiosity, the political direction taken by the Jovians has disillusioned him. He agrees with the need to protect transhumanity from existential threats, but does not believe that writing off everyone except the Jovians is a viable strategy. When Firewall came recruiting, he answered.

He served for many years within the Republic, using his privilege access as a priest to feed Firewall information. For reasons that have not yet been adequately explained, he was transferred to Venus under cover of a Jovian diplomatic mission.

He acts as Firewall’s “router” on Venus, the Proxy responsible for mission coordination.

Father Ruiz Aguilar

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