Irina Kuznetsova

Long Lost Sister


Irina is fond of changing morphs as often as possible, and so has no “standard” look, although she does prefer female-gendered biomorphs.


Two years ago, Irina Kuznetsova, daughter of Yulia Kuznetsova and sister to Dominic Kuznetsov, was a solar-system trotting morph blogger. She would beam to a happening habitat, slip into one of their local morph designs, take it for a spin (with direct XP if possible), and report on her experience. Her star was still rising when she was brutally eviscerated on the aerostat of Aphrodite Prime on Venus by a combat morph of unknown design or origin. This attack coincided with catastrophic data failure at a number of secure backup facilities, and there were no reliable backup files of her on the Gulag Archipelago (she departed prior to the arrival of Dr. Keitaro Chavez, and the fleet’s backup systems were spotty).

She was presumed permanently dead.

About three months after her death, a clandestine backup she had left with the ID Crew criminal cartel was stolen while being physically transported to their darkcaster facility. The ID Crew, embarrassed to have lost her, never reported to the Gulag Archipelago, or Firewall, that they had ever had her.

Two years later, the storage device containing her ego was recovered by Tari of Egonomics and Blackvein’s Network. After engaging in an investigation to piece together why she was killed, she returned to her home…

Irina Kuznetsova

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