Jennifer Rodriguez

Orphaned by Circumstance


Jennifer inhabits an 18-year-old splicer morph which she imagines to be her “birth body” even though she knows better.


Jennifer Rodriguez had a fairly normal life. She was raised on the Shukra aerostat, daughter of two software engineers working for one of the microcorporations owned by Star Council member Joanna Elgin. She had friends, a normal family, an ordinary life.

It was all a lie. Prior to the formation of the Morningstar Constellation, Elgin and her companies were involved in a secret project to recreate the Futura project. She believed that by keeping the project small: a single child, they could have greater oversight and avoid the pitfalls that resulted in the rather public disaster that formed the Lost generation. Another precaution they took was not accelerating the physical growth or the simulspace at nearly the high ratio that the Futura project attempted. Their goal was to grow Jennifer to adulthood in six years, at a triple-rate development speed.

Unfortunately, when Shukra joined the Morningstar Constellation, Councilmember Elgin began to fear that the supposed “transparency” that her new government operates under might bring to light her little project, and that it would ruin her career. When Jennifer’s 18th birthday came, and she was finally integrated into her physical body and released from the simulspace, she was introduced to her “parents” (the real models from which the virtualities were modeled) and Ms. Elgin, who explained to her who, and what, she really was. The Councilmember then promised to bring Jennifer to Octavia to experience the capitol of Venus, including some of the interesting new entertainments, like the new ARG game “Gumshoe City”.

The bewildered, confused, and troubled teen leaped onto the escapism of the ARG game immediately, as Elgin had planned.

Gumshoe city, designed and operated by “Emerald City Games”, a company fully owned by Elgin, was a trap to murder and dispose of Jennifer. To throw authorities off the trail, the game killed three other players in the couple days leading up to Jennifer’s visit, both in ways that permitted restoration from cortical stack, and both seemingly accidents. The game was intended to manipulate Jennifer into crawling into a public nano-disassembler, which would kill her and destroy her stack, removing her from the chance of ever embarrassing Ms. Elgin.

Aeryn Taft-Crowley, along with some acquaintances, were tapped by the Morningstar Constellation’s Diplomatic Corps to investigate the Gumshoe City deaths as a test of their ability to work together. They ended up uncovering the whole scheme which resulted in the arrest and disgrace of Elgin and the software engineers running the game.

This left Jennifer, however, an effective orphan. Her “parents” had no memories of her, her “friends” didn’t exist. The only thing she had was a brief moment of passion inside the game with Aeryn Taft-Crowley, a seduction that the older woman had initiated to save her life.

Jennifer still holds a torch for Aeryn, although she accepts that Aeryn does not return the feelings. Aeryn has, however, given Jennifer a job at Cortical Redemption Systematics, which Jennifer enthusiastically uses to get to know her surrogate mother / lover figure more closely.

Jennifer Rodriguez

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