Karl VanDeLaarSchot

Lost Serial Killer


Karl VanDeLaarSchot was a reasonably handsome man in a Futura-morph (typically indistinguishable from a slightly dull Exalt). He was apparently still using his original morph until Ricky Thompson got him with a custom-built nano-virus that reduced his morph to undifferentiated gray sludge.

Karl absolutely still exists in various capacities, as a backup or as forks. One fork is known to be an experimental test subject for Cognite under their Project PsiClone. Another is said to be highly placed in the Nine Lives criminal syndicate. Others are rumored to be out there.


Karl is a member of the Lost generation. Rather than be euthanized or put into storage, Karl, along with a small number of other Lost, were sold to the Prosperity Group at the termination of the project. When Satori sabotaged the habitat on Mars where they were doing some highly… sensitive pharmaceutical research, it was mostly to kill Karl and the other Lost. It would appear that Satori, somehow, failed to finish the job with Karl, who escaped the habitat, killing his way through Martian nomads to disappear into the Martian cities.

It appears that Karl has developed some uniquely powerful asynch abilities due to the Vittrad virus that Satori unleashed. He can, apparently, exert some degree of influence or control over any ego after taking their cortical stack and somehow absorbing their “essence,” even if that ego restores from backup and resleeves. He may also be able to affect cyberbrains and other synthetic systems. This makes him uniquely powerful and uniquely dangerous.

Karl VanDeLaarSchot

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