Keitaro "Chase" Chavez

Indenture / Singularity Seeker



  • Cognition: 3
  • Intuition: 1
  • Coordination: -1
  • Somatics: -2
  • Savvy: 1
  • Willpower: 1
  • Rep:* 0
  • Resources:* 0

Mentons are genetically modified to increase cognitive abilities, particularly learning ability, creativity, attentiveness, and memory. Rumors exist of superenhanced mentons with more extreme intelligence mods, but brain-hacking is notoriously difficult, and many attempts to redesign mental faculties result in impaired functioning, instability, or insanity.
Armor: 0
Tags: +biomods, +mesh inserts, +cortical stack, +eidetic memory, +hyper linguist, +math boost


Eccentric (Background Move)
Your motivations are not always clear to others, or even beneficial to them or to you. Whenever you take an action that is a detriment to the group, mark Experience.
Note: The +eccentric tag on your sanity track grants you this move for free.

Cyberbrain Hacking
When you hack a +cyberbrain or a +virtual person in a charged situation roll+Cognition. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You can spend your hold 1 for 1 at any time to…

  • Make the target’s attack miss its mark – it strikes someone other than the intended target, or a wall, or the ground.
  • Extract one discrete piece of information from the target.
  • Impress, dismay, or frighten the target.
  • Overload the target. Inflict 2 trauma per hold spent.
  • Take over their body (+puppet sock only). They can try to resist by rolling+Willpower in subsequent rounds. 10+ throws off your control, 7-9 contests control, and failure leaves control in your hands.

When you engage in psychosurgery upon a neural backup, fork, AGI, or emulated ego in your carefully controlled simulspace, roll+Cognition. On a 10+, choose 2 (the same choice can be taken twice). On a 7-9, choose 1:

  • Fork Integration: re-integrate a fork successfully
  • Memory Editing: alter, or delete any one memory or related set of memories
  • Behavioral modification: edit or delete certain behaviors or impulses
  • Deep Learning: Grant the subject 1 Experience.
  • Interrogation: Learn the complete answer to any one question
  • Psychotherapy: Add or Remove one check from the Sanity Track.
  • Take Care: Grant the subject +boosted on the subsequent sanity move (see below)

The subject then rolls the sanity move. In addition to the normal effects, on a 10+, the subject may choose whether to keep the changes or reject them. On a 7-9, the changes take effect, but the subject may choose one change that is only temporary. It will fade in a few weeks. On a failure, the changes take effect permanently, and the subject marks one check on the sanity track as normal.



NAME: Keitaro Chavez, aka “K.C.”, aka “Casey”, aka “Chase”

DESCRIPTION: Tall and lean with angular cheek bones, Chase seems to be androgynous in terms of poise, mannerisms and even personality. With a mode of dress that seems to shift based on the clothing of those around him, there seems to be no real rhyme or reason but always there is a sense of style and tonal effortlessness that is occasionally at odds with the sometimes manic and intense personality that Chase exhibits.

BIO: Factual data is conflicting and shows signs of major edits and revisions from various entities. However the most common version of Chase’s history tells the story of a pre-fall research and pioneer in the field of artificial realities. A programmer and psychologist with strong ties to various corporate and governmental bodies, Keitaro Chavez was that strange duality of scientist and person of deep faith. Determined to not delve personally into ego transference for religious and philosophical reasons, still Chavez explored the nature of reality and how it could be explored virtually through psychotherapeutic and virtual means. The Fall itself changed the course of his existence; nearly killed in an attack on the facility that he was working in Chavez was rendered comatose in the attack. Deemed far too valuable an asset he was made an infugee by his corporation using his own research to convince his ego that he was still safely within his own body. Only after several years of service and through the rise of public information due to the actions of renegade employees of the hypercorp was his status made known and he was “freed” from service and provided with the resources to continue his existence outside the confines of the hypercorp.
With an existence that was considered far beyond his personal beliefs he suffered what many believe was a major psychotic break, however the resultant individual seems not only at peace with his state of existence but seems inspired by it to explore further into the field of the mind. Unsubstantiated rumors have surfaced that Chase has become a bit of a radical scientists pushing the boundary on things like A.I., virtual reality, and psycho surgery. Those same rumors whisper of his search to understand and formulate the concept of self-awareness that many define as the “soul”, other think such talk is garbage. Presently, despite these rumors, Chase is known in a few circles by individuals in need of such services. The entity, who seems to have embraced the transience of gender and being, is considered to be extremely talented, professional, if a bit erratic charging at times exorbitant prices for seemingly simple tasks and a pittance for some of the more complex requests.

• You have at least one ally! Who is s/he?
Smoak – An Infomorph Hacker and Fixer that has been Chase’s contact for a number of years post emancipation. Their relationship has been mutually profitable and they have learned to trust each other. They share a commonality of purpose and agree that transhumanities next steps are beyond what is known. Smoak has the most detailed and accurate information on Chase and Chase has successfully encrypted and attuned Smoak’s mind to that loyalty of purpose. It is a deeply stable but deeply troubling relationship.
• You have at least one enemy! Who is s/he?
The Cognitive Advancement through Virtual Experimental Research and Neuroscience (CAVERN) Program which was a division of (FILL IN THE HYPERCORP). The program was a skunk works or black sight program delving into the ability to stretch the boundaries of virtual reality. The program was publicized through the efforts of an unknown group of criminals/hackers/etc and while assets were released they are still wanted for reclaiming and neutralizing. The head of Chase’s case file is Dr. Simone Takahara the former assistant to the now discredited head of the program who Chase himself worked for Dr. Pritam Sepna. Dr. Sepna was Simone’s lover and mentor and she is personally driven to remove all obstacles and memories of the fall of the program.
• Who is your family? Where are they now?
Chase’s family are now a part of the Jovian collective, and remain fundamentalists opposed to everything that Chase stands for. Currently the surviving members of the Chavez family are his mother Reiko Chavez, his brother Thomas Chavez, and his younger sister Keiko Chavez.
• Who is your muse? An AI who has been with you since childhood? A fork of yourself?
Chase’s seems to be modeled after a version of himself that was fused with the AI from his childhood. Called Taro, the muse has a pattern of mirroring and reflecting Chase’s moods. Taro is serious when Chase is giddy, encouraging when Chase is depressed, etc. Taro acts as a means to balance the eccentric and erratic nature of Chase’s mind trying to keep him somewhat balanced as best he can. The fact that the muse resembles a version of Chase that appears to be a fork is yet another means by which irony saturates his existence.
• Whom or what do you love most? Why?
Chase loves his ideals and his mission above all things, there is no cost or sacrifice that is not worthy of undertaking to be able to cross the threshold and bring salvation to himself and all those who have taken the steps away from their mortal human birth places. He sees all the chaos, destruction and fear that has occurred to mankind as being at the hands of those who have discredited or simply were denied a soul. By matching sentience with the touch of the divine all beings can become saved and be made whole and worthy of a new post-singularity state of grace. No being, entity or cost compares to this mission.

• Whom or what do you hate most? Why?
This is a highly complicated question in that Chase is torn in what and who he hates due to the nature of his situation. He hates the hypercorp that took robbed him of his choice to remain a non-transferred human; but he understands that hating an entity like this is foolish and useless. He hates his former teammates but also understands that the decisions made are so diffused and spread that it is hard to determine any sole individual to blame. He hates his fundamentalist parents and family but he understands the reason for their fear and loathing and it drives him towards his goal of coding the soul. He hates himself but also he is inspired by himself, he hates god but wishes to be worthy of god. A lot of conflicting and erratic loathing so it is extremely difficult to navigate. As such I will be portraying his hatreds in a mercurial and inconsistent way (which is one of the justifications behind the “erratic” move).
• Do you want bad candy?

Keitaro "Chase" Chavez

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