Mary Alvarez (formerly Kioroshi Inagawa)

Former Oversight Operative, Firewall Defector


Mary eschews the exalt-morphs of Japanese ethnic stock she once preferred in favor of a caucasian exalt. She is perfectly comfortable and capable of inhabiting any variety of strange and exotic morphs at need, however.


Mary was once Kioroshi Inagawa, a covert agent for the Planetary Consortium’s Oversight division. She was also, unknowingly, an agent of Project Ozma. After accepting their recruitment pitch two years ago, they partitioned her mind in psychosurgery, leaving most of her personality in charge, but creating a cold, loyal, killer buried inside.

In one mission for both masters, she ran afoul of a broken seed-ASI on the asteroid Turing in the Jovian Trojans. Her emergency ego-cast was badly corrupted but successfully recovered by the Gulag Archipelago, which notwithstanding differences in political philosophy, agreed to help her stop a potential threat to humanity.

In so doing, they instead started a war.

Although Kioroshi was on the opposite side of the war from the scum who helped her, she maintained a distant if cordial relationship with them… while part of her worked to assassinate them and destroy the threat they represented. Ultimately, however, it was all revealed to be an elaborate simulation by the seed-ASI, who, as a gift to her, reintegrated her mind.

She has subsequently sought asylum on Locus, and has received her new identity courtesy of Firewall.

Mary Alvarez (formerly Kioroshi Inagawa)

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