Power to the Processor!


Background – Infolife +stigmatized
Faction – Singularity Seeker

Everyone knows that synthmorphs are tougher and better equipped for serious combat than biomorphs. However, many people in the inner system are not comfortable with using hulking synthmorphs as bodyguards or security personnel. Instead, some choose this subtle and extremely deadly alternative. This morph’s enhanced senses allow it to more easily detect any threats to the person the user is guarding, and the built-in weaponry and moderate armor make it highly resistant to damage. The synthetic mask disguises it quite effectively as an olympian or fury morph.
Armor: +1
Tags: +access jack, +mesh inserts, +cortical stack, +cyberbrain, +mnemonic augmentation, +chemical sniffer, +cyberclaws, +enhanced vision, +hand laser, +lidar, +neurachem, +puppet sock, +synthetic mask, +t-ray emitter, +Mental Speed (Intuition)

Cognition +1
Intuition +3

Coordination +1
Somatics +1

Savvy -1
Willpower 0

Rep -1
Rev -1


Native Infolife (Unique)
As a computer program, you find it perfectly natural to spin off sub-programs of yourself to accomplish various technical tasks. This isn’t exactly “forking” so much as it is using less smart pieces of you to help you interface with technology. When you try to subvert a computer system or non-sentient AI using another move, and you roll a 12+, choose one of the following in addition to the other moves results:

  • The system trusts you. You always have a backdoor into it.
  • The system wants to help. It will continue to take actions on your behalf even without your continued interface.
  • The system can’t live with your disapproval. It immediately does everything it can to completely and thoroughly self-destruct.

Cyberbrain Hacking (Background)
When you hack a +cyberbrain or a +virtual person in a charged situation roll+Cognition. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. You can spend your hold 1 for 1 at any time to…

  • Make the target’s attack miss its mark – it strikes someone other than the intended target, or a wall, or the ground.
  • Extract one discrete piece of information from the target.
  • Impress, dismay, or frighten the target.
  • Overload the target. Inflict 2 damage per hold spent.
  • Take over their body (+puppet sock only). They can try to resist by rolling+Willpower in subsequent rounds. 10+ throws off your control, 7-9 contests control, and failure leaves control in your hands.

When you seek to subvert a non-informorph computer system or electronic security measures, roll+Intuition. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2. On a miss, choose 1 anyway.

  • You get into the system or past the security
  • You don’t alert anyone to your intrusion
  • You leave no trace behind
  • You don’t permanently damage something important

Martial Artist
You do +1 damage when unarmed or armed with melee weapons
(Thinking Black Widow, Black Canary, Lady Shiva here – so like Judo/Krav Maga?)

When you lead a gang into battle, roll+Savvy. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 1. Over the course of the fight, spend your hold 1 for 1 to make your gang:

Make a hard advance
Stand strong against a hard advance
Make an organized retreat
Show mercy to their defeated enemies
Fight and die to the last
On a miss, your orders get misunderstood or garbled or otherwise confused.

If you don’t already have a gang, this move GIVES you one (see NPCs, Gangs, and Vehicles). If you do already have a gang, you can choose a new option for your gang instead.

If a move indicates, you have a gang of about a dozen hardened folks. By default: 2-damage gang small 1-armor, and choose 2:

Your gang consists of two dozen hardened folks. Medium instead of small
Your gang is well armed. +1 damage
Your gang has combat armor. +1 armor
Your gang has access to specialized weaponry. Add 1 Basic Weapon tag
Your gang has access to specialized morph upgrades. Add 1 Morph tag
Your gang is self-sufficient. +rich

And choose 1:

Your gang is ill-supplied, -1 damage or -1 armo
Your gang is a pack of violent thugs. It gets +savage
Your gang is loose-knit, with members coming and going as they choose. +desertion.
Your gang owes a significant debt to someone powerful. +obligation
Your gang is lax about security and likes to drink and brag. +reprisals
If you advance your gang, either gain a new option from the first list, or remove the option from the second list.

Gangs and Trauma
When a Gang suffers trauma, reduce the gang’s effective size by 1 for the next round in battle.

Gear -
Morph Weapons:
- Cyberclaws (2-damage +hand +implanted)
- Hand Laser (3-damage +close +implanted)
AI Liberation Anarchist allies/acolytes
Backup Morph (sphere)
Planetary Consortium Corporate Secrets
Mote Grenade
Communications/Intelligence contract with Claudia (Crime Lord)


  • +1 to an Ego Stat (max stat +3) (up to 3 times) [x] [x] [] (Cog) (Savvy)
  • +1 to a Background Stat (max stat +3) (unlimited)
  • +1 Move (up to 4 times) [] [] [] []
  • Advance your Gang, Fame, or Wealth (up to 3 times) [x] [] [] (+Gang)

(After 5 above)

  • +1 to any Stat (max stat +3) (once) []
  • Retire your character to safety and create a new character (once) []
  • Create a second character to play, so now you’re playing two (once) []
  • Remove a check from the sanity track (up to two times) [] []
  • Invent your own move with the GM, or +1 Move (up to two times) [] []
  • Swap a move you have for another move (unlimited)

Experience [x] [] [] [] []
Damage [] [] [] [] [] []
Sanity [] [] [] [] [] []


Pandora was developed by Dr. Mary Beth Bainbridge as part of a project owned by Cognite. She was rescued (some say “stolen”) by pro-infolife anarchists, and dedicated her existence to the political rights of her fellow AGIs.

She occasionally went overboard with her philosophy, however, actively seeking out seed-ASIs and granting them unfettered access to her mind.

It was probably no surprise that she would choose to willingly integrate with the seed ASI known as Draupadi. In this way, she achieved her own singularity.

Ally – Pandora hid out with the Anarchist Collective who accidentally freed her while she got her shit together. I’m thinking there were specific people responsible both for allowing her to download into a body (so maybe a super good hacker) and teaching her the ways of the world (some streetwise person – I’m thinking girl, more femme than butch but boi is acceptable)

Enemy – The corporation Pandora liberated herself from. Perhaps there was a specific VP or SVP (I swear to G-d the more *VPs a company has the worse it is) who ran the program responsible for Pandora. This program was somebody’s baby.

Family – Pandora escaped with no other Infolifes and maybe isn’t still running with the collective ultimately responsible for freeing her. She has a conception of freeing others like her from the tyranny of the Corporations, but she thinks of them as her equals in a common struggle. She can form emotional connections, but is unlikely to ever form familial connections.

Muse – Pandora is a child. Her muse is a child.

Love – Pandora doesn’t love. She has no context for love. She has no definition for it.

Hate – Pandora hates the HyperCorps responsible for enslaving AI and organic minds for computing purposes. She finds the lack of self-determination and autonomy to be utterly repugnant.

Bad Candy – I like candy. Pandora probably doesn’t need to eat. But if she got a treat that was kind of a white elephant – it would be babysitting for awhile. Because yay babies! Omg why are they leaking?!


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