Roland Farnsworth

Revolutionary Leader, Necromancer


Roland Farnsworth lived all his life in a “flat”, an original, unmodified human body, born the old fashioned way. Luck and genetics resulted in a reasonably healthy, reasonably attractive man who, in his late-40s, conceived of a plan that resulted in his death… temporarily. Now he looks like whatever he needs to.


Roland Farnsworth used to be the Chairman of the Gerðr Planning Council. He, and his six fellow Councilmembers ostensibly ran the government of the small mining colony on the moon Callisto in the Jovian system. He and his fellow Councilmembers ensured that Gerðr was the model Jovian protectorate, paying all due taxes, obeying all Jovian laws, even the ones Jovians themselves tended to ignore. They did this because, ten years ago, shortly after the Fall, the newly formed Jovian Republic ensured Gerðr’s continued co-operation by taking a dozen political prisoners from the most-influential and best-connected family groups on the colony.

When Jesus Aguilar, a JAC member, sentenced to the maximum-security Maui Patera Rehabilitation Center on Io, managed to “escape” to Gerðr with horrifying eyewitness XP of biological weapons experimentation being performed on prisoners, including political prisoners, it was Farnsworth who conceived and executed the colony’s ambitious revenge.

Farnsworth used the Planning Council’s clout to procure ego-bridge and simulspace capacity as well as a high-bandwidth neutrino transmitter. As difficult as it was to procure such items despite CBEAT regulations, that was the easy part compared to convincing his fellow Councilmembers, and more than two dozen high-ranking government functionaries, to effectively commit suicide in protest. Those who did not go along with the plan were secretly killed by Farnsworth’s intelligence director. The rest uploaded themselves into a simulspace containing the XP data of the experiments on Io, and broadcast the entire simulspace contents out to the entire solar system.

These government functionaries were, for the most part, Jovian-style bioconservatives. To them, uploading was tantamount to death. They saw their actions as a suicide-protest to reveal the atrocities being committed by elements within the Republic. They clearly did not understand the implications of mass-dissemination of their egos.

Farnsworth, however, clearly understood. Within hours of the broadcast, various copies of Farnsworth that had been received and spun up by various groups or habitats began to reach out to each other and organize, provided their hosts were good enough to grant them the freedom to do so. Farnsworth’s theoretically limitless copies are organizing himselves and the copies of his fellow government officials into the “Gerðr Liberation Army,” an organization of forks dedicated to freeing Gerðr from Republic tyrrany.

Fanaticism is easy when you believe you’re already dead and your soul is already gone to its reward. Farnsworth has been given the Firewall code-name of “The Necromancer” as a nod to the somewhat uneasy way in which he and his actions are perceived by that organization.

Roland Farnsworth

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