Uplifted Mastermind


Rook rarely meets people in his own body, preferring a high-tech synthmorph surrounded by a complex, covert network of alpha, beta, and gamma forks sleeved in “support staff” morphs. His original body is, theoretically, a neo-Raven.


Little is known of “Rook” because he has carefully ensured it. Those engaged in clandestine service such as Firewall, however, know that he was one of the first uplifted Ravens to come out of Somatek’s research. He escaped Somatek during the fall and used the chaos to engineer his own escape off-world with the accumulated assets of a corrupt African politician. He then parlayed this “nest egg” into a rapidly increasing network of complex financial investments in the nascent Planetary Consortium positioning himself as a clandestine rising star.

Although not nearly as personally wealthy as individuals such as Levi Oaxaca-Maartens or Rael Duvalier, Rook’s precise wealth is much harder to pinpoint. He is thought to be deeply invested in Stellar Intelligence, with assets and agents in Oversight, Direct Action, and any number of other organizations and hypercorporations throughout transhuman space.


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