Informorph Hacker for the ID Crew, Covert Firewall Vector


As an infomorph, “Silkworm” has little in the way of a physical description. He often appears as an AR image of a stylized worm or centipede when he converses in people in “meatspace.”


Silkworm is a talented hacker and infiltrator of electronic systems. He is an invaluable agent for the Venusian branch of the criminal cartel the ID Crew, who specialize in creating false identification with fully-realized social and reputational backhistories, dark-casting, illegal forking, and other related endeavors. Unsurprisingly, they are often utilized by covert agents working for Firewall, or any other organization that needs false cover, or covert egocasting. In addition to his duties as a “Vector” for Firewall, he makes sure Firewall’s deals with the ID Crew stick, and their agents don’t get covertly forknapped or dealt dirty.

Silkworm also happened to be part of a Venusian police bust of criminal ID behavior instigated by Aeryn Taft-Crowley. As a result, he’s not particularly fond of the socialite psychosurgeon.


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