Simone Takahara

Oversight Agent


Simone Takahara is currently operating in a sylph morph of japanese ethnic DNA… when she’s not in disguise in some other morph.


A few years ago, Simone Takahara was employed by Cognite for corporate espionage. In this capacity, she spun off a beta-fork known as “Simon”, giving him an identity as a down-and-out laborer on Gerlach to make him an attractive recruitment subject for the Lacuna Corporation for one of their rat-maze psychological testing regimens. He was able to get testing data out of the “maze” to his superiors, but the testing process made him unstable and he violently escaped Lacuna’s custody, killing one Lacuna employee, Estelle, in the process, and embarrassing the Lacuna monitor in charge of his case, Ricky Thompson.

Simone managed to terminate her errant fork, and thought little enough of the matter, as her success got her recruited into Oversight as an agent. Her previous expertise caused her to rapidly realize, however, that the ranks of Oversight were riddled with agents of other groups, notably a black-ops organization known as Project Ozma. She began a clandestine mole-hunt within Oversight for Ozma agents with some limited success.

Some of the Ozma assets she was tracking were pulled to a sudden operation on Venus where Simone was surprised to discover Ricky Thompson was one of their targets. Apparently after Lacuna went under Ricky got recruited into his own clandestine organization and that his activities had angered Ozma. Seeing an opportunity, Simone made contact, and has begun an odd sort of working relationship with Ricky where they share intelligence on Ozma to further their respective goals. At first, their collaboration was concealed under the guise of a dating relationship, although the degree to which that is now a “guise” rather than an actuality is open to question.

Simone Takahara

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