Teilhard Liu

Strategic Mastermind


Teilhard Liu prefers a wizened menton morph, hale but with no cosmetic modifications to conceal aging.


Why does Locus, the stronghold of autonomist anarchism, have a mutual defense pact with a statist government entity like the Titanian Commonwealth? It’s a practical matter. Until revolutionary change reaches Mars and Jupiter, anarchists need allies. But the question is wrong: Locus doesn’t have an alliance with Titan. Teilhard Liu does.

For a planetary government to sign a major treaty with an individual isn’t exactly the done thing. But then, Liu is a walking legend. He was a veteran Air Marshal in the Indonesian TNI (air force) when the Fall came. As groundside governments and their accompanying command and control structures collapsed, Liu persuaded, cajoled, and in a few cases coerced commanders from other aerospace forces into forming a unified defense in a broad swath of orbit over the Pacific Rim. That was but the first of many campaigns he fought during the Fall. His efforts saved millions.

Years later, he was a key actor in coordinating the defense of Locus during the Planetary Consortium’s incursions. Liu’s Doctrines, based on his experiences during the Battle of Earth and subsequent engagements, are the foundational document for all military planning in anarchist space. They focus on adapting the tactical and strategic doctrines of past eras to the near impossibility of stealth in open space, the challenges of integrating ships with widely disparate capabilities into an effective fighting force, and the uselessness of centralized command and control structures when fighting an enemy like the TITANs. They’re also richly annotated with suggestions on how to deal with every exception to these axioms that Liu could think of— and he’s still adding to them.

Liu rarely makes his presence felt in public, and his place of residence within Locus is unknown. Hackers who’ve tried tracking him have concluded that he has either a preternatural talent for evading surveillance or some very skilled helpers erasing his comings and goings. He’s known to enjoy gardening and tai-chi. Teilhard Liu’s circle includes almost all important autonomist military and security figures, all of Locus’s prominent citizens, several of Titan’s most powerful politicians and academics, a random sampling of tai-chi practioners from all walks of life, and a tight-knit gardening club of hyperaged Fall survivors.

Teilhard Liu

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