Yulia Kuznetsova

Matriarch of the Fleet


Yulia wears an exalt-morph she procured about a dozen years ago when her original body started to show signs of chronic health conditions due to decades of unhealthy living conditions and imperfect biomods.


Yulia Kuznetsova was one of the original neo-Marxist anarchist asteroid miners who rebelled against their Russian corporate overlords to create the Gulag Archipelago. Living through the ups and downs of thirty years of fleet life has made Yulia something of an unofficial authority figure on the swarm.

Although she would be the first to tell you that scum, particularly those of an overtly anarchist ideology, decry the concept of centralized leadership, her reputation both amongst the swarm and in the broader anarchist circles of the outer system, is rock solid.

Yulia is commonly selected by acclaim to speak on behalf of the swarm when larger alliances or deals need to be made, and it was her influence that saw the Gulag Archipelago join with Locus and the Titanian Commonwealth in the Second Battle of Locus against the Planetary Consortium.

Yulia is the mother of Dominic Kuznetsov and Irina Kuznetsova, among others.

Yulia Kuznetsova

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