Das Frettchen

Conservative Eraser


Das Frettchen prefers unprepossessing middle-aged morphs full of concealed augmentations and upgrades. He affects wire-rimmed glasses to conceal the sharpness of his gaze.


Das Frettchen is one of the founders of Firewall, much to the chagrin of many. He is an old-school conservative who barely considers uplifts and AGIs to be people let alone those infected with Watts-MacLeod. He is, nevertheless, deeply pragmatic and will use such tools if they are available to extinguish with extreme prejudice any X-Risk that comes near.

He considers the city of Valles-New-Shanghai to be his own personal territory, often clashing with fellow Firewall agents who have the temerity to operate there without the courtesy of letting him know. He is old money, and personally acquainted with many of the immortal oligarchs who control the Planetary Consortium. These connections across Mars allow him a stunning degree of access and resources on a planet usually clogged with rules and regulations.

Das Frettchen

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