Ooh, who are you? Ooh, who are you? Ooh, who is this kid? What’s she gonna do?


Background: Indenture
Faction: Anarchist
Morph: Exalt

Cognition: 1
Intuition: -1
Coordination: 0
Somatics: 2
Savvy: 1
Willpower: 1

XP: [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ]
Damage [] [] [] [] [] []
Sanity [x] [X] [] [] [] []

iRep: 5
Rep: 0
Resources: 0

A nice Exalt morph

Crystal Resonance (Unique)
Your very bones have vibrated with alien energies. Whenever you Assess the Situation generate one more hold than usual… even if you fail the move. This extra hold must be spent asking a weird question you have no business knowing the answer to. Furthermore, you are always +glitched when rolling the trauma move

Body Hopper (Background)
You never need to roll integration, alienation, and continuity as a result of voluntary resleeving. Resleeving after death, or being restored from backup requires integration, alienation, and continuity as normal.

Not to be Fucked With: (Beginning)
In battle, you count as a small gang with damage and armor appropriate to your equipment and moves.

Berserker: (Beginning)
When you charge into battle with no regard for your own safety or survival, gain +1 armor. When you are doing so while leading a gang, they all get +1 armor.

Impossible Reflexes: (Persona)
The way you move unencumbered counts as armor. If you’re naked or nearly naked, 2-armor; if you’re wearing non-armor fashion, 1-armor. If you’re wearing armor, use it instead.

Current Advances:
+1 Move (Impossible Reflexes)
+1 Advance to take

Initial Advances:

  • +1 to an Ego Stat (max stat +3) (up to 3 times) [] [] []
  • +1 to a Background Stat (max stat +3) (unlimited)
  • +1 Move (up to 4 times) [X] [] [] [] (Impossible Reflexes)
  • Advance your Gang, Fame, or Wealth (up to 3 times) [] [] []

Must have 5 total advances above before selecting below

  • +1 to any Stat (max stat +3) (once) []
  • retire your character to safety (once) []
  • create a second character to play, so now you’re playing two (once) []
  • remove a check from the sanity track (up to two times) [] []
  • invent your own move with the GM, or +1 Move (up to two times) [] []
  • create a special result for one of your moves on an exceptional success with GM approval (up to two times) [] []
  • swap a move you have for another move (unlimited)

First there was Echo.

Echo had adventures, went to Carnivale and beyond. In that beyond they touched something that changed them.

The instance of Echo that was changed is now India.

India is now struggling with whether or not her existence is a possible extinction level event (probably not but maybe?) and if it is, can she end herself as the threat? What does it mean when you’re something other than human? Luckily, she’s surrounded by others who might be able to help her answer that question – friends and not friends. She has to determine what does it mean to be her own person and not just a part of another and what it means to be alone in way she’s never been. It is liberating and exhilarating.

At the same time, it is terrifying and so very lonely.


Eclipse Phase - Apocalypse Lithera