Your Ego is who you are as a person. It has nothing to do with your body and everything to do with your mind, memories, and personality. In game terms, your Ego is represented by six Stats:

Cognition – Your ego’s ability to find and apply information quickly.
Intuition – Your ego’s ability to efficiently process external stimuli

Coordination – Your ego’s ability to fully integrate with your morph for fine motor skills
Somatics – Your ego’s ability to control your morph for physical optimization, strength, and hardiness

Savvy – Your personality’s ability to smoothly interact with others
Willpower – Your ego’s stability, resistance to degradation over time

Your six Ego tats are generated using the following point-buy method:

  • You have 5 points to spend.
  • All stats begin at +0.
  • A stat of +1 costs 1 point
  • a stat of +2 costs 3 points
  • a stat of +3 costs 6 points
  • A stat of -1 gives you 1 extra point
  • a stat of -2 gives you 3 extra points.


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