Gulag Archipelago

The Gulag Archipelago is a medium swarm of ships varying dramatically in size and composition, that frequents the Jovian Trojans, with occasional loops to Jupiter and Saturn.

History of the Swarm


  • The Red Hammer Collective are the neo-Marxist anarchists that started the swarm. They’re similar to other anarchist collectives aside from a slight fetishization of manual and industrial labor. They tend to be stoic, and mildly baffled at some of the more extreme hedonists.
  • The Neo-Romany are an eclectic group of performance artists, career nomads, and hippies that have adopted a stereotype of old earth Rroma and appropriated it. If there are any members of actual Rroma descent, they have long since given up being offended.
  • Cirque Eloize is a collective of acrobats and performers who have converted their ship into one vast performance space.
  • Cult of the Chemical Messiah are a collective dedicated to spiritual enlightenment through creative pharmaceuticals
  • The Call of the Wild are a collection of avian and aquatic uplifts (along with a very few hominids) who offer visitors and tourists the experience of aerial flight or aquatic life in their aviary-ship or water-filled aquatic ship.
  • Sergei Alkaev is the originating ego behind the “Alkaev Family”, a group of about 15 people in a large group-marriage arrangement, all of whom are forks of Sergei.
  • Looking Glass Collective live and operate the Icebox, the ship serving as the swarm’s unofficial science ship. They are known for pushing the boundaries of the transhuman philosophy, and have many Argonauts and Singularity Seekers among the mix.

Some Major Ships:

Gulag Archipelago

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