Your Morph is the body that your Ego is inhabiting at any given time. It could be the physical body you were born with, or perhaps a robotic shell you’re occupying temporarily. Your Morph determines your capabilities in the physical world, with some secondary influence over your social interactions.

Some morphs are strong. Some are fast, some are smart. Some morphs are looked down upon and grant the +stigmatized tag. Others are so unearthly in their beauty and perfection that you get bonuses to all social interaction. Your Background determines which morph you may start play with, but after that, you are limited only by circumstance and resources should you wish to resleeve into a new morph.

Most morphs also have a number of Tags. These tags are generally narrative, but some have game-mechanical application. See the list of Tags for more details.

Biomorphs – Biological bodies
Pods – Mass-produced biological bodies with significant cybernetics
Synthetic Morphs – Fully artificial machine bodies
Infomorphs and Eidolons – Purely virtual, running in a software emulation environment
Exotic Morphs – Not available through Background, see Gear


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